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Why Is Pizza Round?


    Why is pizza a sphere? You’re not the only one who has thought about this age-old query. When putting in search terms for pizza, Google auto-fill swiftly generates this query and produces millions of results. Yes, not all pizzas are round. All around the country, you can find square and rectangular pies, but the bulk of pizzerias, particularly in New Jersey, provide round pizza. Let’s investigate why.

    Easy Cutting and Even Cooking

    Compared to a more angular shape, the round shape that most pizzas have makes it easier to cook evenly. It also makes it simpler to divide quickly using a few swipes of a round pizza cutter. Have you ever seen an experienced pizza maker slice a pie? They work so swiftly that it can cause dizziness.

    Making the dough longer

    A pizza maker stretches out a lump of dough by tossing it into the air and forming a circle with their hands and fists. In geeky and scientific terms, the round shape is a result of the centrifugal force created when the dough is thrown in the air while spinning. Stretching the dough results in a shape that can be used with less effort than moulding it, which speeds up production.

    Pizza is served in a square box.

    So why is the box square if the pizza is round? Since a square box can be constructed from only one sheet of cardboard, they are far less expensive to create in large quantities than round ones. Since square boxes may stay flat until needed, they are also considerably simpler to store.

    Must Fold

    You might notice something peculiar about your round pizza if you’ve ever been to the Midwest. In the Midwest, most pizza is cut into little squares rather than thick triangle slices. In the east, we fold our large triangular chunks in half to do things the right way, and a round pie makes this possible.

    No of its shape, pizza will always be our favourite food, that much is certain.