Best Places to Travel Alone


Iceland is a country that perfectly captures many of the reasons why travelling alone is superior to travelling with a significant other.

Australia's East Coast

Australia is a very large nation. That must be emphasised. For the benefit of lone travellers and betrayed lovers, the majority of the action occurs in a stretch of East Coast cities, each of which is exhilarating in its own right.


The Land of a Thousand Hills is becoming known as a sort of traveler's paradise. There are countless exploration options, and friendly tour operators are ready to highlight Rwanda's natural beauties.

Pacific Northwest, USA and British Columbia, Canada


Portugal's most well-known locations routinely win accolades and travel awards, and the buzz is not unjustified. The surreal splendour of Porto draws wide-eyed travellers from all over the world, while Lisbon is a backpacker's paradise.


In a place where you can spend the morning skiing in the Alps before travelling to a romantic solo sunset on the Adriatic at Piran, the old phrase "four seasons in a day" is still very much true.

New Zealand

A nation that consistently does things right is New Zealand. Travelers may explore in complete security because it takes seriously its position as one of the safest nations in the world.


Irish storytelling is renowned throughout the world and is celebrated in works by Joyce, Stoker, Wilde, and other authors. Any Dublin pub where you spend an evening is almost certain to tell you a story that will live on forever.


When you ignore the alphabet's seeming difficulty and the environment's admittedly orderly chaos, it may frequently feel as though Japan was designed with solitary travellers in mind.

Greek Islands

No matter your preferred mode of transportation, visiting a few Greek islands is practically a requirement for all tourists.


It's not always easy to travel alone in Cuba, but those who do it will be well rewarded.

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