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Seven Most Popular American Pizzas

    Seven Most Popular American Pizzas

    Grilled Pizza

    This particular style of pizza is prepared by placing the stretched dough on the grates placed over hot coals, cooking it on one side, flipping the dough, and then topping it in reverse, beginning with the cheese and ending with the sauce. After that, it is turned over and placed back on the grates so that the other side can finish cooking and the cheese can melt.

    The end product is a pizza that is smokey in flavor, crispy on the outside, and airy on the inside. A pizza that has been grilled makes it possible to top the pie with almost any ingredient, according to the individual’s preferences. Al Forno, which is located in Providence, Rhode Island, is thought to be the establishment that pioneered grilled pizza.

    Stuffed Pizza

    pizza on blue ceramic plate

    The stuffed pizza is a type of American pizza that gained popularity in Chicago a little bit later than the deep-dish pizza, which it is very similar to and which shares many of the same characteristics. In comparison to the crust of the deep-dish pizza, this one is firmer and finer. The dough is also noticeably sweeter and drier than it was before.

    On top of the pizza is a generous helping of cheese as well as a variety of other toppings, such as chopped vegetables and crumbled sausage. The next thing that goes on top is another thin layer of dough, which is why this type of pizza is called stuffed pizza. This layer of dough typically has slits cut into it so that it can release moisture as it cooks.

    Chicago Thin Crust Pizza

    Free Top View Photo Of Baked Pizza Stock Photo

    This Chicago-style pizza has a tomato sauce that is heavily herbaced and has a zesty flavor, and it also has a generous amount of shredded mozzarella cheese. In addition, the crust is almost as thin as a cracker. In terms of the additional toppings, pepperoni is readily available but frequently takes a back seat to crumbled Italian sausage. Aside from that, there is bacon, prosciutto, and a wide selection of vegetables to choose from.

    The most popular option among Chicagoans, thin crust pizza in Chicago is typically cut into squares (also known as box cut, tavern-style, or party cut), and in contrast to its New York City counterpart, it does not fold over when it is served. In point of fact, a local saying in Chicago goes something like this: “Fold your laundry, not your pizza.”

    California-Style Pizza

    Free Overhead view of appetizing pizza with pepperoni and green chili pepper pieces on wooden surface Stock Photo

    This style of pizza was created at the same time in 1980 by Ed LaDou and the chefs working at the renowned restaurant Chez Panisse. It is distinguished by combining the thin crust styles of New York and Italy with a variety of topping combinations that are both unique and uncommon. While the toppings can range from shrimp and asparagus to smoked salmon and other types of seafood, the crust is airy, light, and tender.

    Ingredients such as chicken, peanut sauce, barbecue sauce, goat cheese, and pineapples are some of the other toppings that are available. It is recommended to consume pizza made in the California style with beer or white wine, including sparkling varieties of both.

    Greek-Style Pizza

    Free Pizza With Green and Red Bell Pepper and Green Leaves on White Ceramic Plate Stock Photo

    In the late 1960s, Greek immigrants in Boston were responsible for the invention of Greek pizza. It is distinguished by having a dough that is dense and wet, cheese that is greasy, and tomato sauce that has a pronounced flavor of oregano. This style of pizza is typically baked in a pan that has been heavily greased, which creates a lacy, crisp edge while also causing the bottom crust to become fried.

    Pepperoni is frequently used as a topping, despite the fact that its inclusion is not strictly required. Artichokes, feta cheese, and Kalamata olives are some of the Greek ingredients that are recommended for the toppings. Because of the dish’s poor ability to be reheated, it is recommended that it be consumed within the first fifteen minutes after it has been baked.


    The American stromboli is a savory type of turnover that is filled with traditional pizza ingredients such as mozzarella or other types of cheese, Italian meats such as salami, pepperoni, bresaola, and capocollo, and sometimes even vegetables, while the marinara sauce is served on the side, rather than being baked inside with the filling as part of the stromboli. The stromboli is somewhat similar to a calzone.

    Before it is baked, the finished product is rolled into a loaf, in a manner analogous to that of a jellyroll, to give it a more traditional appearance. The dough used can be either pizza dough or Italian bread dough. Stromboli, unlike calzone, is not believed to have originated in Italy but rather in the suburbs of Philadelphia in the 1950s, where it was named after one of Roberto Rossellini’s films.

    Chicago-Style Deep Dish Pizza

    Free photo top view of little cheese pizza round formed inside plate on dark blue surface

    Immigrants from Naples arrived in the United States in the late 1800s and the early 1900s in the hope of finding a better life there. Shortly after that, in 1943, their descendants, Ike Sewell and Ric Riccardo, opened Pizzeria Uno in Chicago. They served a new type of pizza that was served in a dish that was deeper, with inverted layers of cheese, meat, and tomatoes, and a crust that was crunchy.

    Deep-dish pizza made in the Chicago style is no longer considered to be an immigrant tradition but rather one of the city’s cultural and culinary icons. The dish is well-liked not only in Chicago but also throughout the rest of the world; in fact, there is even a day dedicated specifically to celebrating deep-dish pizza called National Deep Dish Pizza Day, which takes place every year on April 5.

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